Retractable Washing Line

  Indoor Clothes Line This helpful laundry accessory mounts to the wall or a submit and can be used indoors in the laundry room, or exterior to line dry your clothes within the sun. Take benefit of our letterbox and clothesline installation service . At Topline Clothes Lines, we promote Australian-made Topline Clothes Lines Hoists in a broad range of colours and types to suit every buyer's style and requirements. Mrs Peggs Handy Line clothes lines/washing line. Dry laundry indoors & outdoors, rust-proof, eco-friendly, convenient and durable. Easy safe ordering and direct assist. If your clothesline has not arrived by the latest estimated time-frame then please contact The Topline Clothes Lines Store instantly. However any product signed for with the courier or transport firm, we're sorry but we cannot assist you any further. Delivery to East Coast regional centres, exterior of capital and major metropolitan areas and Adelaide, permit no much less than 10 working day